Bendigo GovHub

Project Overview

A new government office is coming to Bendigo being delivered by Regional Development Victoria in partnership with Development Victoria.

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 confirmed a $16 million investment for delivery of the third GovHub, alongside LaTrobe Valley and Ballarat. The investment will go towards a project valued at more than $90 million, to build and fit-out the new modern office building. The balance of the GovHub will be delivered through private investment.

The City of Greater Bendigo and a range of Victorian Government departments and agencies will be co-located in the new building, making it home to up to 1,000 employees, including 100 new positions.

The new building will provide the community with a single point to access government services, in the heart of the city. The development of the Bendigo GovHub will inject around $131 million into the regional economy and create 100 construction jobs.

A construction tender for the project will be awarded in May 2020, with construction scheduled to be complete mid-2022.

Community engagement

The community were encouraged to attend a public consultation session to provide feedback on concept designs of the Bendigo GovHub. This took place on Saturday 27 July in the Bendigo Town Hall from 10am - 2pm.

The community feedback received will be analysed and work can begin on the detailed design of the building. The final design will be released at a later date.

Each of the tenant agencies that are moving to the Bendigo GovHub are already working with staff about their relocation needs.

The GovHub will be located at the site of the current City of Greater Bendigo office in Lyttleton Terrace, in the Civic Precinct. The City of Greater Bendigo decided to sell its Lyttleton Terrace office to the Victorian Government and become a tenant in the GovHub on 21 February 2019. 

The building is expected to cover the Lyttleton Terrace, Mundy Street, St Andrews Avenue and Market Street block and connect with other major civic buildings including the town hall, library, city offices, Federal Government offices such as Centrelink. 

The project will sit alongside the law courts development and re-development of the TAFE site, which are currently underway.

  • Concept Design

    Mid 2019

  • Community consultation

    Mid 2019

  • Construction

    Mid 2020

  • Completion

    Mid 2022

Transport Jobs On The Move To Bendigo GovHub

The Victorian Government is boosting the number of people working in Central Bendigo with Bendigo-based Department of Transport staff, including VicRoads, moving into the new Bendigo Gov Hub.

The move would bring the 115 people strong Transport workforce in as the latest tenants of the new GovHub, which will bring together up to 1000 public servants from the City of Greater Bendigo and other government agencies, revitalising the northern end of the CBD.

The announcement comes ahead of the formalisation of the new Department of Transport on 1 July and will bring together staff from VicRoads, Regional Roads Victoria and Public Transport Victoria who are currently located at East Bendigo.

Read the full release. 

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