Fitzroy Gasworks

Project Overview

The Fitzroy Gasworks site at 433 Smith Street, Fitzroy North, is owned by the State Government and has been declared surplus land. In July 2018, the site was rezoned from Public Use Zone to Mixed Use Zone and Public Use Zone. Development Victoria is now investigating the redevelopment of the site to rejuvenate this iconic inner urban site to offer a range of positive outcomes for the Fitzroy community.

The Fitzroy Gasworks site meets the Victorian Government's objective of delivering vibrant neighbourhoods, thriving shopping strips and affordable housing that is close to jobs, services, and transport options. It contributes to broader objectives including:

  • Growing the population within a fixed urban growth boundary
  • Protecting the green wedges
  • Ensuring there are more jobs closer to where people live
  • Better transport and stronger activity centres
  • Better planned new communities in our growth corridors; and
  • Integrated public transport, infrastructure investment and land use planning

Community and stakeholder feedback has been used, along with other technical and commercial information, to develop a concept master plan for the site. Development Victoria will continue to work with the community as the project progresses to get the best outcome for the site and neighbourhood.

Planning Scheme Amendment to rezone the Fitzroy Gasworks site - 19 July 2018

The Minister for Planning, the Hon Richard Wynne, has approved a Planning Scheme Amendment to rezone the Fitzroy Gasworks site on 19 July 2018.

The Amendment rezones the Fitzroy North Former Gasworks Site from Public Use Zone (PUZ1 and PUZ6) to Mixed Use Zone and Public Use Zone (PUZ2), inserts a new Development Plan Overlay Schedule (16) into the Yarra Planning Scheme and assigns the Minister for Planning as the responsible authority for this site.

The Development Plan Overlay establishes various land uses, provides parameters for the development, and outlines the key documents and processes to be adopted in preparing the Development Plan. 

For more information about the rezoning announcement visit:

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a Clean Up Notice on the former Gasworks site and works have been initiated to address the requirements of this notice. Enviropacific has recently been appointed to complete remediation of the site under the supervision of an EPA accredited auditor. Remediation works will be completed across the former gasworks and Council depot sites, that are both affected by contamination. 

The remediation activities currently underway include Phase 1 investigation, strategy and planning, followed by Phase 2 remediation activities commencing in 2019 and continuing until early 2021.  

Remediation of the former Fitzroy Gasworks will involve a range of activities on site, including additional site testing to confirm the likely extent of ground contamination, excavation of contaminated material down to a depth of up to 12m and removal off-site to an approved soil treatment facility. 

Once complete, remediation activities will ensure that the site can be safely developed in the future, achieving soil and groundwater quality that is suitable for a mixed-use development, mitigating and/or managing residual soil vapour, protecting the existing community, along with the future residents that may one day live on the site.

Enviropacific will work with the community and key stakeholders to provide information on the works, upcoming activities, and respond to any questions regarding the remediation process.

To find out more information, visit and check out the FAQ's on this page.  

An example of remedation works underway


  • Community engagement - Vision

    June 2016 - Project visioning

  • Rezoning application

    December 2017 - Rezoning application submitted

  • Community engagement - Concept Master Plan

    Late 2017 - Feedback on Concept Master Plan

  • Rezoning application approved

    19 July 2018 - Site rezoned to Mixed Use Zone and Public Use Zone (PUZ2)

  • Remediation

    Mid 2018 - Phase 1 remediation work begins

  • Remediation

    Early 2019 - Phase 2 remediation works anticipated 

  • Community engagement - Development Plan

    Early to Mid 2019 - Engagement on Development Plan

  • Remediation

    Early 2021 - Remediation works completed 

  • Construction

    Early 2021 - Construction begins