Fitzroy Gasworks

Project Overview

online community engagement

The Fitzroy Gasworks site at 433 Smith Street, Fitzroy North, is owned by the State Government and has been declared surplus land.

Development Victoria is investigating the potential renewal of the site. The Fitzroy Gasworks meets the Victorian Government's objective of delivering vibrant neighbourhoods, thriving shopping strips and affordable housing that is close to jobs, services, and transport options. It contributes to broader objectives including:

  • Growing the population within a fixed urban growth boundary
  • Protecting the green wedges
  • Ensuring there are more jobs closer to where people live
  • Better transport and stronger activity centres
  • Better planned new communities in our growth corridors; and
  • Integrated public transport, infrastructure investment and land use planning

Community and stakeholder feedback has been used, along with other technical and commercial information, to develop a concept master plan for the site.

The draft master plan will inform a rezoning application, to be submitted to the Minister for Planning and formally exhibited in the new year through a public planning process, providing further opportunities for people to get involved.

  • Community engagement - Concept Master Plan

    Late 2017 - Feedback on Concept Master Plan

  • Rezoning application

    December 2017 - Rezoning application submitted

  • Construction

    Late 2020 - Construction begins

  • Community engagement - Vision

    June 2016 - Project visioning

  • Community engagement - Development Plan

    Late 2018 - Engagement on Development Plan

  • Rezoning consultation

    Early 2018 - Public exhibition and hearings for rezoning application

  • Remediation

    Mid 2018 - Remediation work begins