Fitzroy Gasworks


The site is in North Fitzroy and is bounded by Alexandra Parade, Smith Street, Queens Parade and George Street. The total site area is 3.9076ha which includes the former Gasworks (3.0830ha) at 433 Smith Street and Yarra Council Depot (0.8246ha) at 111-139 Queens Parade.

Development Victoria is considering uses consistent with the City of Yarra’s Fitzroy North Gasworks Urban Design Framework 2008 (UDF). The site provides an opportunity to create a fresh and vibrant mixed-use development with new homes, shops, cafes and offices. New community facilities and public open space are also being investigated.

Clean up work on the site will commence from the middle of 2018. Given the site’s use as a former gasworks, there are extensive remediation works required before any construction can start. It is expected that ground disturbing remediation works will commence in 2019 and will take up to two years to complete.

There is a Heritage Overlay on the former Fitzroy Gas Works Valve House which is located in the south-west corner of the site fronting Alexandra Parade and George Street.

The Porter prefabricated iron store located on the Council depot site is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register as being of State significance. Heritage issues are being considered as part of the due diligence process.

The land is was rezoned by the Minister for Planning approving a Planning Scheme Amendment on 19 July 2019. The Amendment rezones the Fitzroy North Former Gasworks Site from Public Use Zone (PUZ1 and PUZ6) to Mixed Use Zone and Public Use Zone (PUZ2), inserts a new Development Plan Overlay Schedule (16) into the Yarra Planning Scheme and assigns the Minister for Planning as the responsible authority for this site.

The amendment allows Development Victoria to commence planning for a new school, sports facility and residential development, to include affordable housing, on the site.

Development Victoria must consider renewal opportunities that deliver a range of policy outcomes to serve the needs of Victoria's groing and changing population. City of Yarra's population is projected to increase by around 40,000 by 2031 and will require homes, education and other assets as well as open space.

Urban renewal on large underutilised sites such as this, located near existing transport, jobs, retail and community amenities such as parks and recreation facilities, is vital to ensuring the continued prosperity of our state and liveability of Melbourne. Inner-city urban renewal is also key to reducing pressure to expand our urban growth boundary.

Development Victoria is committed to delivering eight percent of the ste as public open space with additional open space as a component of the residential development. 

Development Victoria will work with City of Yarra to salvage any sections of the existing mural that might be reused elsewhere and will work with the community to build opportunities for public art into the development.

Development Victoria has worked with leading architects to develop a concept master plan that would transform the site into a mixed use development including housing, recreation, education and commercial use. The concept master plan incorporates and responds to community and stakeholder feedback captured throughout 2016. In addition to the feedback, technical and financial matters have been considered to ensure the proposal is feasible in the long run.

The Valve House will be retained as a significant heritage element and an adaptive reuse outcome developed. Development Victoria will work with Heritage Victoria and leading heritage experts to develop options for the Porter Iron Store.

While the Urban Design Framework is not binding, Development Victoria has respected its principles in developing the draft master plan. Proposed heights and densities will ensure the development is appropriate for the surrounding area, while still meeting the objective of providing more inner-city housing and returning enough revenue to help fund the extensive remediation required on the site.

One of the benefits of inner city living is its proximity to public transport options like buses and trams. There will also be a strong focus on walking and cycling connections within the site to encourage active forms of transport.

There will be open space with several public areas, landscaped gardens and squares created to encourage a sustainable and vibrant community. Development Victoria will work with the community to establish how these areas will be developed.

There will be points of entry from Smith Street, Queens Parade Alexandra Parade and George Street. The intention is to open up the space and enable movement through the site.

The Victorian School Building Authority and Development Victoria are wokding closely together to deliver a new school as part of the development. VSBA has announced 28 new schools for growing Victorian communities. This includes announcing the commencement of planning for a new school on the Fitzroy site.

The master plan provides for an indoor sports facility that would comprise six multi-purpose double storey sports courts . The facility would also be home to a community space that would be developed in consultation the community and council. Development Victoria continues to work with project partners to look at how the centre might be delivered.

The development will include a percentage of affordable housing for Victorians who need assistance to make their home in inner Melbourne. This might include the provision of housing for key workers, who are traditionally on lower incomes.

The site can accomodate a mix of heights. Along the site boundary on Queens Parade, buildings are proposed to be around 6 storeys while towards the middle of the site, further away from existing residential areas, additional  height of around 10 storeys can be considered. The development is expected to provide around 1100 new dwellings with a mix of one, two and three bedroom homes.

All parking will be accommodated in a basement carpark.

The project will adopt a best practice approach to environmentally sustainable design and an appropriate framework will be applied to the development.

Remediation deals with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental sources such as soil, groundwater, sediment or surface water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a Clean Up Notice and extensive remediation is required to create a safe and clean environment for the Fitzroy community.  

The removal of this contaminated soil will deliver a cleaner, safer environment for the people of Fitzroy North.

We estimate that remediation works will take approximately two years and commence in early 2019.

The works will be delivered in two phases: 
-    Phase 1 works will involve site testing to confirm the extent of ground contamination and finalise a remediation action plan (RAP) for approval by the EPA.
-    Phase 2 works will involve the excavation of contaminated material down to a depth of up to 12m. The materials will then be removed off-site to an approved processing facility. 

The main sources of noise are likely to be truck movements to and from site, demolition (as part of early works – Phase 1b/2) pilling and concrete breaking. 

Noise and acoustic controls will be established in accordance with the approved Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP). All activities will be completed in accordance with Council/EPA regulations. 

During phase 2 an odour control enclosure (OCE) will be erected over excavation areas. This is to minimise any vapours emanating from the site and ensure public safety is maintained at all times.

Dust will be managed in accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1970.

The flow of trucks will be managed by traffic and environmental management processes which will be implemented to minimise impacts on local residents. Regular notifications will be issued ahead of remediation works to advise on these protocols.

We anticipate that up to 20 workers will be involved in the various remediation activities on site. Parking will be provided for on site. There should be no need for on street parking. The site induction procedures will reinforce these protocols. 

Following the approval of the Planning Scheme Amendment, and the commencement of investigative works to inform the Remediation Action Plan, Development Victoria will commence further community engagement to ensure the community is advised about remediation works and to discuss the design proposal for the site.

Following community engagement in 2016 the need for a new high school was realised. As a result, planning funding has been provided to design a new senior campus for Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School on the Fitzroy Gasworks site. 

For up to date information visit the Victorian School Building Authority webpage.

In the 2018-2019 Budget, $17.2 million was allocated to schools across the State for planning. This includes funding for this school. 

Following community consutlation the desire for a new senior campus in North Fitzroy was highlighted. The campus will assist in alleviating enrolment pressures for surrounding schools and to meet demand of a growing population.