Springvale South


A development plan is a statutory document which provides guidelines for a development. 

Development plans:
Inform how an area is expected to be developed.
Outlines what land uses are proposed for the site.
Provide the basis against which assessment decisions are made.

Development plans may contain:
General provisions – directed from council policy.
Zone provisions – an area which specific a purpose can be used eg. Residential and open spacel
Tables – information that is usually of a technical nature and relates to items such as: use of the site, car parking, setbacks, height or heritage guidelines.
Maps - including location maps, overlay maps (transport, heritage, development constraints, natural resources, waste control), bushfire protection areas maps, zone maps, policy area maps and concept plan maps.

Phase 1: Develop initial plan

Phase 2: Design and refine

Phase 3: Finalise plan, submit for approval

The community share feedback during phase 2 of the development plan process. This is to ensure expert studies are completed to create a suitable initial draft plan. 

The development plan will be submitted to The City of Greater Dandenong. Once submitted the community have the opportunity to submit comments. This is managed through the City of Greater Dandenong. 

This can range from:

Architectural plans
Town planning
Road designs
Landscape plans
Arborist reports
Traffic reports
Waste Management Plans
Heritage reports.

Overlays are an addition to a development plan map. Overlays apply to a issue(s) (such as heritage, environmental concern or flooding). Where more than one issue applies, multiple overlays can be used. 

All land in Victoria has a zone – they specify purposes for land such as business, industrial or residential. The Springvale South site is zoned as Neighbourhood residential allowing the land to be redeveloped for residential purposes. 

Community engagement took place in March 2019 to provide information about the proposed development plan and seek community feedback. The project team are now reviewing the feedback collected during the process and are currently revising plans. 

Thank you for completing this survey. Your feedback will play a key role in shaping the proposed development plan for the site. 
If you have any further questions, you can email the team at springvalesouth@development.vic.gov.au